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Ferdo Bašić
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Author was born on 1 January 1945. in Broćanac, Posušje – Bosnia and Herzegovina. The primary and secondary school attended in Ilok - Croatia, where his family migrated. After two years of working on agricultural farms he started the study of Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb, where graduated 1970th and began his career. Means, 43 years is lasting his activity within the scientific area Biotechnology, in the field of Agriculture and scientific branch Ecology and Environment. Postgraduate study of Soil science he attended on the same faculty (1970-1974) but doctoral thesis in Soil science he defended on Faculty of Agriculture University of Sarajevo (1984).

He started as assistant at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb (1970-1972) in the Department of Soil Science, where held terrain and laboratory training in the course of soil science, continued Institute of Soil Science and technology of soil - Zagreb (1972 - 1973), as an assistant on the soil genesis and soil mapping within the project of General Soil Map of Croatia in the scale 1:50 000 till finish of the project 1986. Than followed eleven years of work (1973-1984) at the oldest Higher Agricultural College in South-eastern Europe – in Križevci in research and teaching of courses; Soil science and Soil amelioration. To improve teaching in higher education 1976th he published textbook Soil science and already 1982nd experiencing the second edition. This textbook defined in the longer term frameworks of knowledge about soil that student of higher education in agriculture should acquire.

His career continued at University of Zagreb, Faculty Agriculture, Department of General Agronomy (1984-2010., when retired), where he was teaching at the graduate study in the course General Agronomy. In the reformed studies in agronomy he introduces the courses Ecological agriculture and Soil and water protection, for which students showed interest and in the "Bologna transformation" grow into a separate studies Agroecology and Ecological Agriculture, as the first one in this part of Europe. At the graduate study Ecology of Faculty of science University of Zagreb held a course in Agroecology.

Dr. F. Bašić, prof. em. introduced the concept of sustainable land management in the course Sustainable land management and Soil protection and remediation at some postgraduate studies of University of; Zagreb, Sarajevo, Mostar and Split.

Author was very active in research. Chronologically, the first work on the monumental project of Croatian soil scientists Croatian General Soil Map at 1:50 000, which examines the origins, major features and the spatial distribution of over 600 000 ha of soils of Croatian pedosphere. This work will mark the start of his scientific work on other topics; land management in agriculture, amelioration of the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils, farming systems and the study of the damage and the effective protection of the soil as a great national treasures engaged in a well-organized and chaired the Department of General Agronomy, which originated in the tradition of “The Zagreb agroecological school of Mihovil Gračanin”, which have consistently continued well-known professors Mihalic and Butorac. He participated in over 60 scientific and professional domestic and international projects, as the head of more domestic and two international scientific projects, as well as on more than 80 international scientific meetings, workshops, congresses etc., on all continents. As a very communicative, open to cooperation and team-working oriented, has developed a fruitful collaboration with colleagues at home and abroad, which illustrate the data that on the list of co-authors of his publications there is even 153 co-authors, of which 15 from Europe, USA and Africa.

World Food Summit
Znanstveni doprinosZnanstveni doprinos

Width of opus of his activities illustrates the numerical data on his publication. Prof. Basic is the author or co-author of 731 written publications of different categories:

  • Books with authorship (24),
  • Editor of books (6),
  • Chapters in books (38),
  • Textbooks and educational manuscripts (14),
  • Original scientific papers cited in Current Content CC (23),
  • Scientific papers of the same level published in other journals (45),
  • Other papers in other journals (15),
  • Plenary presentations (4),
  • Published invited presentations on scientific meetings (2),
  • Internationally reviewed scientific papers in proceedings books (75),
  • Revised papers published in proceedings books of domesric scientific meetings (47),
  • Non-revised papers in conference proceedings (10),
  • Abstracts in proceedings books (54),
  • Non-published papers - manuscripts on scientific meetings (30),
  • Books in manuscripts – expecting print (5),
  • Manuscipts of General Soil Map in the scale 1:50 000 (13),
  • Studies as result of international projects (20),
  • Studies as results of domestic projects (64),
  • Projects of land amelioration (13),
  • Professional papers - expertises (15),
  • Soils arround of naphtha bores - projects of remediation and cultivation (155),
  • Cultivation of soil on abondened naphtha fields (4),
  • Environmental cosequences of exploatation of naphtha on territorry of some counties (7),
  • Remediation of soil after braking of naphtha pipelines (2),
  • Possibilities of waste injection in abandoned naphtha bores (5),
  • Investigation of consequences of outflow of naphtha in soil (9),
  • Investigation of consequences of outflow of naphtha in soil (4),
  • Soil monitoring (15),
  • External audit of the quality assurance system at higher education (13).

Although he is 43-year scientific activities scientific work is very rich and wide, in particular his merits may be considered;

  • the issues of sustainability of soil management, soil tillage, irrigation, drainage and conservation and sustainable management systems and ecological agriculture,
  • reaffirmation of crop sequence in arable farming,
  • classification of soil damages/degradation,
  • regionalization of Croatian agriculture,
  • initiating and drafting the Regulations on soil protection from pollution (NN March 1992), and defined maximal tolerant content of heavy metals and organic pollutants in the soil.

Active participation on more than 80 international scientific and expert meetings conferences, round tables or symposia with topics connected with land and water management, sustainable agriculture and soil protection; held on all continents. In 1989. he defined and as head he realized a scientific project of 4-years investigation of soil erosion on lateritic - ferralitic soils of Ethiopian highland in Wollega province within a joint project of former Yugoslavia and Republic of Ethiopia. Within this project more than 30 000 thousands of ha of virgin land was cleared and cultivated.

As the decision of the Croatian Government 1996th he was appointed the coordinator of the National Report on the state of food security for the "World Food Summit - Rome 1996.", gathered over 80 most reputable scientists that made national report entitled "Croatian Agriculture at the crossroads" and participates Summit as a member of the state delegation of Croatia in the role of editors and authors of the National Report.

Author is member of scientific and professional domestic associations; Croatian Society of Soil Science, as well as The International Union of Soil Science, The International Soil Tillage Research Organization and European Society of Soil Conservation.

Prof. Bašić executed different professional functions:

  • The representative of Croatia in Working group for Permanent Soil moni¬toring in Alps, Alps-Adria and Danube river basin countries – BDF (Boden-Dauernbeobachtungs-Fläche),
  • National consultant for land resources evaluation of Croatia, within FAO project Agricultural Sector Review,
  • 2003 to 2010 - Member of European Soil Bureau Network – ESBN, since 2009 also member of the Steering Committee, which is otherwise a consultative body of the European Commission (European Commission - EC) for soil management and soil protection guideline as a component of the Common Agricultural Policy - CAP.
  • 1997. to this day - one of the founders and currently serves on the editorial board reputable on-line Journal of Central European Agriculture (JCEA),
  • performed the role of chief editor Agriculturae conspectus scientificus - ACS Agricultural Scientific Review, the oldest and most respected scientific journals in the area of agriculture,
  • Head of the Management council of the College of Agriculture – Križevci,
  • As president of a branch of Croatian Chamber of Commerce “Eco – food”, he initiated and recommended different activities in development of ecological agriculture, especially legislative base for this orientation in agriculture.
  • Deputy dean for scientific affairs of Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb, Head of Board for international affairs in two terms; 1993-1995, and 1995-1997.,
  • Appointed Honorary Advisor of the University of St. Stephen in Godollo – Hungary,
  • Winner of the Annual State Science Award for 2003.,
  • Member of the Committee for election in academic titles in Agriculture, Forestry and Biotechnology in the two terms,
  • Member of the Working Group to prepare the National Drought Mitigation and prevention of soil damage to Croatia and author of the first national reports.
  • Winner of the Life-time Achievement Award for 2009. year
  • From October the first 2010. Retired and elected in honorable title Professor emeritus.

All in all, as a known scientist oriented to Sustainable development he influenced on the orientation of Croatian agriculture to a (ecologically, socially and economically) sustainable way adapted to agroecological conditions in different agricultural regions of Croatia. On this way he impressed a deep and recognizable mark in the agricultural sciences of Croatia.