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Dr. sc. Ferdo Bašić

professor emeritus

Ferdo Bašić
O meniReview of Academic Activities (1971-2013) O meni


Member of Croatian scientific organisations:

  • Croatian Society of Soil science – in one mandate president of Society,
  • Croatian Society of Ecology,
  • Croatian Society for water protection,

Member of international scientific organisations:

  • International Union of Soil Science,
  • International Soil Tillage Research Organisation – ISTRO,
  • European Society of Soil Conservation (ESSC).

Member of different scientific/professional bodies

  • European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN) - within Join Research centre (JRC) of European Commission (EC) – Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) – Ispra – Italy
  • State electorial bord for election in scientific titles in the field of biotechnical sciences
  • Working group for elaboration of National programme for mitigation of drought consequences and combat of soil degradation and desertification in Republic of Croatia in the period 2004-2008, - author of text of National programme,
  • State delegation on World food summit – Rome 1996., in the function of co-ordinator of elaboration of National report – country position paper, today competent person in the field of food security,
  • ICA – Interuniversity Conference of Agriculural and related sciences
  • Board for environm. protection of Parliament of Republic of Croatia, responsible for soil and forest,

Different academic functions

  • Vice dean for scientific affairs of Faculty of agriculture University of Zagreb in the manadate period 1993-1995, and again in next period 1995.-1997.
  • President of Management council of Higher agricultural college – Križevci,
  • Board of NGO – Movement for Nature protection "Lijepa Naša",
  • President of economic group “Eco-food” of Croatian Chamber of commerce,