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Dr. sc. Ferdo Bašić

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Ferdo Bašić
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Starting working career as agricultural technician (secondary agricultural school) in Agricultural co-operative Selenča, near Bač - Vojvodina in hope - gardening.


Agricultural and food processing farm - Županja in milk and diary production.


The academic career started as assistant at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb in the Department of Soil Science, where held terrain and laboratory training in the course of soil science.


Continued in Institute of Soil Science and technology of soil - Zagreb, as an assistant on the soil genesis and soil mapping within the project of General Soil Map of Croatia in the scale 1:50 000, in which he will stay till finish of the project 1986.


Than followed eleven years of work in the oldest Higher Agricultural College in South-eastern Europe – in Križevci in research and teaching of courses; Soil science and Soil amelioration. To improve teaching in higher education 1976th he published textbook Soil science and already 1982nd experiencing the second edition. This textbook defined in the longer term frameworks of knowledge about soil that student of higher education in agriculture should acquire.


Continued at University of Zagreb, Faculty Agriculture, Department of General Agronomy (1984-2010., when retired), where he was teaching at the graduate study in the course General Agronomy. In the reformed studies in agronomy he introduces the courses Ecological agriculture and Soil and water protection, for which students showed interest and in the "Bologna transformation" grow into a separate studies Agroecology and Ecological Agriculture, as the first one in this part of Europe.

At the graduate study Ecology of Faculty of science University of Zagreb held a course in Agroecology.

Introduced the concept of sustainable land management in the course Sustainable land management and Soil protection and remediation at some postgraduate studies of University of; Zagreb, Sarajevo, Mostar and Split.


For long-term co-operation the dean and Council of Faculty of agricultural and environmental sciences of Univesity of Szent Istvan in Godollo - Hungary elected the title - Honorary adviser of University of Szent Istvan University in Godollo.


Retired and awarded with lifetime achievement award for overall scientific research in the field of biotechnical sciences.


By decision of Senate of University of Zagreb on the proposal of Council of Faculty of agriculture elected in honorary title professor emeritus of University of Zagreb.